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Our Trusted Partners

We are in partnership with the renowned National Lending Group (NLG) to cater for your financial needs

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Why Choose Intelligent Accounts and Finance?

Our Holistic and Vision Driven approach allows us to help you with:

Mortgage Reduction

Debt Reduction

Wealth Creation

Budget management, and money mentoring as we do for businesses. – We as individuals and families require the same focus, mindset, and values.

Our strategy to help you:

  1. We are more than Mortgage brokers – Accountants with over 30 years of experience.
  2. We believe “ Cash is King” and ensure you budget and control expenditures to reduce the term of the loan from 30 years to under 10 years. We explore all tax minimisation strategies. This saves you heaps of unnecessary costs in interest and is the way to financial freedom.
  3. We specialise in assisting first home buyers to build up the deposit and purchase their first home.