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What makes us unique in the mortgage broker industry is our 8 step process to ensure your home loan is appropriate for you not just today, but ongoing as well. The journey we take you on will ensure you have the tools and team to get ahead financially.
Step 1 Understand:

We take our time to understand your fears and aspirations, along with your previous experiences to truly understand how we can best help you.

Step 2 Analyse:

More than just analysing data, we also analyse your expectations and hesitations. This way we get to form an accurate picture of your current situation and where you want to get to, what obstacles we may encounter and how to overcome them.

Step 3 Set meaningful and achievable goals:

These are your goals – you own them 100%, but we do this jointly to ensure the goals are not only realistic but there is a clear path to achieve them.

Step 4 Educate and Empower:
At this stage we spend a lot of time ensuring you completely understand the process from the very start, right through to what may happen and contingency plans if required. Once you are fully educated you will be able to make your decision confidently.
Step 5 Negotiate:
Any Mortgage Broker worth their salt will ensure they push the lenders as hard as they can for the cheapest possible Interest rate and lowest possible fees. With over 30 lenders available to us, we take the time to negotiate with the lenders to ensure you get the best possible deal.
Step 6 Recommend:
Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your situation, goals and aspirations we then recommend the right solutions for you. This may also include referrals to other trusted advisors such as accountants and investment specialists.
Step 7 Implement:
The most important stage is to properly implement the plan. This can be a one-off product or a multi-step program depending on your situation. Our team will ensure a timely and hassle free process so you can rest easy while we ensure everything gets done.
Step 8 Review:
Every year we review your loan and will pro-actively ask your current lender for a discount on the interest rate. This ensures you will always be ahead of the market and help you get ahead financially
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At Intelligent Accounts and Finance Group we review your financials to identify areas to improve your turnover and profit margins, allowing you to focus on growing your business whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance.

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