Why Choose Us as Your Local Residential Mortgage Broker in Killara?

Our residential mortgage broker service provides a tailor-made solution to suit you. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a homeowner looking to refinance, we love finding the best solution for local Upper North Shore residents.

We can help with a range of residential finance related issues, including:

mortgage broker to refinance

Mortgage Broker For First Home Buyers

We know that finding the right mortgage the first time you buy a home is a massive decision, but also a significant challenge. Finding a lender that can give you a great rate, low closing costs, and the right terms takes time and effort.

That’s where we come in.
We act as a mortgage broker for first home buyers and take the stress out of your search whilst keeping you firmly at the centre of the process. As we’re independent, we’ll help you make the right decision without influence from outside mortgage providers. 

Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the industry allows us to navigate the ups and downs of the complex mortgage market and help save you time and money.   

Our mortgage broker service is always available for you to discuss any concerns or questions you might have throughout the entire process of buying your first home.

Our sole interest is in you, our customer, and making the first home buying process as stress-free and easy as possible for you. We’re always on hand to offer help or advice and we’ll tailor our services to suit your needs.

mortgage broker for first home buyers

We can help you:

We know the world of home loans can be overwhelming, especially for first time buyers. Getting your foot on the property ladder and finding your dream home has never been easy, and these days, it’s harder than ever. We’ll help you do both.

Refinancing Your Home

We have extensive experience as a mortgage broker to refinance your home and consolidate your debts. Refinancing your home allows you to live there whilst reducing your monthly mortgage payments. Making an important decision like this requires industry expertise and experience, we have both.

Refinancing also offers the possibility of debt consolidation. A debt consolidation loan allows you to switch all your existing loans into one. It makes keeping track of payments much easier and means you don’t have to worry about different interest rates or terms between providers.

Consolidating your debt may even save you money if you can find a lender that charges a lower rate of interest. Luckily, our extensive industry experience and expertise mean we know some of the best lenders on the market. We’ll help find a loan to suit you and minimize your monthly repayments.

mortgage broker to refinance

Before thinking about consolidating your debt through a home remortgage, you should consider some points:

These are key points to consider when thinking about consolidating your debts.
Thankfully, we are always on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you might have about the process. 

No matter if it’s personal, renovation, or home equity loans, we work for you.
We provide a tailored service to find the best terms and lowest repayment rates on the market for you.

Why Choose Intelligent Accounts and Finance?

Our Holistic and Vision Driven approach allows us to help you with:

Mortgage Reduction

Debt Reduction

Wealth Creation

Budget management, and money mentoring as we do for businesses. – We as individuals and families require the same focus, mindset, and values.

Our strategy to help you:

  1. We are more than Mortgage brokers – Accountants with over 30 years of experience.
  2. We believe “ Cash is King” and ensure you budget and control expenditures to reduce the term of the loan from 30 years to under 10 years. We explore all tax minimisation strategies. This saves you heaps of unnecessary costs in interest and is the way to financial freedom.
  3. We specialise in assisting first home buyers to build up the deposit and purchase their first home.